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okay so i was board and took a bunch of quizzes and i thought i would put 1 out here for all of yall and then a few of the more naughty ones behind the cut so have a look if you dare but i warn you you might find out more about me than you really wanted to. Take the quiz: "Which Mean Girls Character Are you? (girlz)"

Cady Herron
You're a math freak, you're a dork. meCollapse )
love kat ♥
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okay so i just joined this community because well i loved the bio it made me laugh and it seemed like a good place to hang out and speak randomly i'm a bit sad that no one really writes in it i love it well my name is kat and well i dunno this place called to me i like it so if you ever feel like writing to me or whateva i'm around with no life so ya know aight bye loves ♥
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dr stephen's in UH

...i've got magic fingers, the doctor of the year.. there's not a lip that i can't read.. a pap that i can't smear.. when youre legs are open, i being the gropin, but i fear i must be blunt.. i would just as soon, not go near your balloon.. i think that i'll stick to your c... front

god bless stephen lynch